Admission Rules

Step 1 - Registration

Complete your personal and contact details such as address, number of your ID (passport, identity card), etc. Complete your educational details such as type of diploma entitling to undertake studies, date of issue, name of your school, etc.

Application Form

Step 3 - Wait for answer
At first an applicant must send scans of the documents mentioned in points 1-11 to Center for International Studies at: together with their official translation into the English language.

After receiving an e-mail with information on admission to UTP the applicant is obliged to submit original documents to Center for International Studies of the University of Technology and Life Sciences (UTP) International Relations Office upon his/her arrival in Bydgoszcz.

In order to get a visa please contact Polish embassy or consulate in your country. The documents needed to get a visa are the same or correspond with those needed for the process of the enrollment for the University.
Step 4 - After arriving to Poland

After arriving to Poland student is obliged to present original documents mentioned on the list above. If the last stage of the enrollment is successful, this is the end of the enrollment procedure. One of the rules of participation in the project is completing and signing of the following documents:

1. Declaration of participation in project

2. Project participant agreement

3. Data of individual participants

If there is any further information required, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Center for International Studies
Room C2
Kaliskiego 7 Street, 85-796 Bydgoszcz, Poland