Department of Agrotechnology
Adres: ul. Ks. A. Kordeckiego 20C, 85-225 Bydgoszcz
tel./fax: (52) 374 9441

Depatments staff members

prof. dr hab. inż. Janusz Prusiński, prof. zw. UTP - Department Head
phone: (52) 374 9451, e-mail:

Academic workers:

prof. dr hab. inż. Grażyna Harasimowicz-Hermann
tel.: (52) 374 9407, e-mail:

prof. dr hab. inż. Jadwiga Andrzejewska
tel.: (52) 374 9472, e-mail:

dr inż. Magdalena Borowska
tel.: (52) 374 9497, e-mail:

dr inż. Ewa Kaszkowiak
tel.: (52) 374 9497, e-mail:

dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Szczepanek, prof. nadzw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374 9465, e-mail:

dr hab. inż. Edward Wilczewski
tel.: (52) 374 9443, e-mail:

Retired professor:

prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Skinder, prof. zw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374 9400, e-mail:

Retired doctor:

dr inż Stanisław Ignaczak – emeryt
tel.: (52) 374 9489, e-mail:

Specialist B.Sc.-technical workers:

mgr inż. Ewa Grobelniak
tel.: (52) 374 9492, e-mail:

mgr inż. Elżbieta Skotnicka
tel.: (52) 374 9439, e-mail:

mgr inż. Małgorzata Obrzeżgiewicz-Diarra
tel./fax: (52) 374 9441, e-mail:

Grażyna Olszak
tel.: (52) 374 9497

Scope of scientific research 

  • Development of farm plant cultivation technology for the purposes of nutrition, animal food production, pharmacy, energy and seed production.
  • Cooperation in research and teaching with the Research Centre for Industrial Crops (CRA-CIN) Bolonia, Italy (milk thistle) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA (lucerne and clover) cooperation in teaching – implementation of internships in the USA for the Faculty students including: Trade Corporation International, Madrid, UMK in Toruń, ZUT in Szczecin and IUNG in Puławy, with Bakery Industry Research Institute and chemical and seed production companies, etc.
  • Achievements – development of several patents and utility models, awards of the Minister of Science and Higher Education and distinctions received in Poland and abroad at inventorship and innovativeness fairs.
  • Participation in projects of the Polish Academy of Science, Polish Agronomy Association, Polish Lupine Association, Research Centre of Cultivated Plants, cooperation with: Trade Corporation International, Madrid, Spain, UMK in Toruń, ZUT in Szczecin and IUNG in Puławy, chemical and seed production companies.