Department of botany and ecology
Adres: ul. Prof. S. Kaliskiego 7, bud. 3.1., 85-796 Bydgoszcz
tel.: (52) 340 8154, fax: (52) 340 8029

Department staff members

dr hab. inż. Anna Katarzyna Sawilska - Department Head
tel.: (52) 340 8154, e-mail:;

Retired profesor:

dr hab. inż. Ewa Jendrzejczak
tel.: (52) 340 8029, e-mail:

Academic workers:

dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Gęsiński
tel.: (52) 340 8370, e-mail:

dr. inż. Andrzej Dziamski
tel.: (52) 340 8073, e-mail

dr inż. Maciej Korczyński
tel.: (52) 340 8089, e-mail:

dr inż. Ewa Krasicka-Korczyńska
tel.: (52) 340 8027, e-mail:;

dr Bogna Paczuska
tel.: (52) 340 8154, e-mail:

dr inż. Tomasz Stosik
tel.: (52) 340 8073, e-mail:

dr inż. Zofia Stypczyńska
tel.: (52) 340 8073, e-mail:

dr inż. Małgorzata Wołodźko
tel.: (52) 340 8065, e-mail:

Specialist in science and technology:

mgr inż. Barbara Kwiatkowska
tel.: (52) 340 8154, e-mail:


Scope of scientific research

  • development of strawflower and Maral Root Rhaponticum outdoor cultivation agrotechnology in order to provide a standardized herb material,
  • study of Helichrysum Italicum cultivation in the conditions of the middle -west region of Poland,
  • development of Amaranthus hypochondriacus and quinoa agrotechnology,
  • use of Amaranthus hypochondriacus and Quinoa seeds for bakery products with extended nutritious quality,
  • assessment of the possibility to cultivate a sunflower decorative strain in the conditions of central Poland,
  • exploring biology and ecology of Asclepias incarnata in terms of utilization of its decorative properties and applications of its juice,
  • research on factors determining the development of grass root systems,
  • research on the state of precious natural and cultural architectural objects on the territory of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province,
  • assessment of ecological condition of surface waters,
  • research on algae in water reservoirs of different origin,
  • assessment of the condition of natural habitats and species populations Natura 2000 within the agricultural space,
  • providing use policy of natural habitats according to environmental conditions and requirements of selected species under protection,
  • permanent monitoring of plant pollination on the territory of Bydgoszcz