Department of decorative plants and vegetables
Adres: Ul. Bernardyńska 6, 85-029 Bydgoszcz
tel. 52 374 95 46

Department staff members

dr inż. Piotr Piszczek, doc. UTP - Department Head
tel.: (52) 374-95-33, e-mail:


Academic workers:

dr hab. inż. Bożena Barczak, prof. nadzw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374 91 06, e-mail:

dr inż. Beata Durau
tel.: (52) 374-95-39, e-mail:

dr hab. Justyna Lema Rumińska
tel.: (52) 374-95-22, e-mail:

dr inż. Natalia Miler
tel.: (52) 374 95 64, e-mail:

dr inż. Alicja Tymoszuk
tel.: (52) 374 95 46, e-mail:

dr inż. Anita Woźny
tel.: (52) 374-95-39, e-mail:

Specialist B.Sc. - technical worker:

mgr Dominika Rymarz
tel.: (52) 374-95-46,e-mail:

Assistant Lecturer

Dr inż. Dariusz Kulus
tel.: (52) 374-95-22,e-mail:

Scope of scientific research:

The Department is involved in research on the influence of regulators of chemical growth, temperature, light color and mechanical stimulants on the shape, blooming and quality of selected decorative plants and vegetables. The Department staff members are also interested in research on in -vitro cloning as a modern biotechnological tool for cultivation of economically important decorative plants and vegetables. Moreover, they do research on somatic mutagenesis induced by in vitro X and gamma radiation, in result of which more than 20 varieties of grand flower chrysanthemum and one variety of gerbera have been produced in cooperation with Vitafora company. Besides, they are involved in experiments of cryopreservation and in-vitro separation of periclinal chimeras of Grand Flower Chrysanthemum, somatic embryogenesis in Chrysanthemum and Cactus plants as well as application of chemotaxonomy and molecular methods for identification of cultivated plant species.