Department of molecular Phytopathology
Adres: Ul. Ks. A. Kordeckiego 20, 85-225 Bydgoszcz
tel. 52 374 93 42

Department staff members

dr hab. inż. Grzegorz Lemańczyk, prof. UTP - Department Head
tel.: (52) 374-94-91. e-mail:

Academic workers:

dr hab. inż. Dariusz Pańka, prof. nadzw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374-94-79, e-mail:

dr inż. Anna Baturo-Cieśniewska
tel.: (52) 374-93-42. e-mail:

dr inż. Małgorzata Jeske
tel.: (52) 374-93-72, e-mail:

dr hab. inż. Leszek Lenc
(52) 374-94-17, e-mail:

dr inż. Aleksander Łukanowski
tel.: (52) 374-93-42,e-mail:

Technical worker:

mgr inż. Mirosława Michalska
tel.: (52) 374-93-42, e-mail:

Retired profesors:

prof. dr hab. inż. Czesław Sadowski
tel.: (52) 374-93-50, e-mail:

prof. dr hab. inż. Stanisław Sadowski

Scope of scientific research

  • biology, epidemiology and signaling of cultivated plants fungal pathogens,
  • molecular analysis of fungi that occur in plant products,
  • research on genetic variability of fungi,
  • determination of potential mycotoxigenicity of isolated Fusarium fungi,
  • search of sources of grain resistance to fungal pathogens and potential mycotoxigenic fungi of Fusarium species,
  • occurrence and importance of endophytic fungi of  Neotyphodium and  Epichloë species settling in different species of grass,
  • modification of plants by means of symbiotic organisms,
  • monitoring of occurrence of pathogens that cause powdery mildew,
  • possibilities of avoidance of effects caused by restriction on application of plant protection chemical methods and their replacement with alternative methods,
  • impact of diversified agrotechnical factors on plant health,
  • study of fungi groupings settling plant roots and soil,
  • mechanisms of higher plant resistance against pathogens in symbiotic systems,
  • inducing in plants resistance against pathogens,
  • role of volatile organic compounds emitted by plants in the development of a disease process,
  • application of low temperature plasma (DBD Plasma) in protection of plant products and food against microorganisms,
  • biological method of plant protection.