Department of Melioration and agrometeorology
Adres: ul. Bernardyńska 6, 85-029 Bydgoszcz
tel.: (52) 374 9580

Department Staff Members

Prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Żarski, prof. zw. UTP - Department Head
tel.: (52) 374 9537, e-mail:

Academic workers:

Prof dr hab. inż. Stanisław Rolbiecki
tel.: (52) 374 9580, e-mail:

Dr hab. inż. Roman Rolbiecki, prof. nadzw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374 9547, e-mail:

Dr inż. Stanisław Dudek
tel.: (52) 374 9584, e-mail:

Dr inż. Renata Kuśmierek-Tomaszewska
tel.: (52) 374 9516, e-mail:

Retired profesor:

Prof. dr hab. inż. Czesław Rzekanowski

Scope of scientific research

  • Assessment of production capacity of very light soils under irrigation.
  • Determination of production, biological, and economic effects of pressure irrigating in areas affected by water shortage.
  • Development of cultivated and horticultural plant irrigation technology and methods of irrigation control systems.
  • Identification of water shortage and demand and needs of cultivated waste plants.
  • Use of water efficient irrigating and fertigation systems in cultivation of selected outdoor and horticultural plants and in nursery gardens
  • Prognosis and programming of pressure irrigations.
  • Assessment of the dependence of cultivated plants on the weather conditions,
  • Determination of climatic risk connected with plant cultivation in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province,
  • Evaluation of agroclimate of the region for the needs of agricultural practice and assessment of climate changes,
  • Assessment of an urban heat island on the example of Bydgoszcz,
  • Pro-ecological aspects of water management in an agricultural catchments.