Laboratory of Grassland Science
Adres: ul. Ks. Kordeckiego 20, bud. A, 85-225 Bydgoszcz
tel.: tel.: (52) 374 9378

Laboratory Staff Members

prof. dr hab. inż. Roman Łyszczarz - Laboratory Head
tel.: (52) 374 9356, e-mail:

Academic workers:

dr inż. Romuald Dembek
tel.: 52 374 9311, e-mail:

dr inż. Janusz Nowak
tel.: 52 374 9344

mgr inż. Rafał Suś
tel.: 52 374 9343, e-mail:

Specialist B.Sc. - technical worker:

mgr inż. Małgorzata Zimmer-Grajewska
tel.: 52 374 9378, e-mail:

Scope of scientific research

  • Development of a component selection method for seed mixtures to be used for perennial and temporary pastures
  • Assessment of economic value of grasslands and pastures by analytical, zootechnical and phytosociological methods.
  • Agricultural-environmental programs for grasslands and pastures.