Laboratory of Experimentation and Biometry
Adres: ul. Ks. Kordeckiego 20, bud. E, 85-225 Bydgoszcz
tel.:(52) 374 9369

Department Staff Members

Prof. dr hab. inż. Anna Wenda-Piesik , prof. nadzw. UTP - Department Head
tel.: (52) 374 9369, e-mail:

Academic workers:

dr hab. inż. Iwona Jaskulska, Prof. nadzw.
tel.: (52) 374 9446 , e-mail:

dr inż. Lech Gałęzewski
tel.: (52) 374 9499 , e-mail:

Technical worker:

Mgr inż. Teresa Urbanowska
tel.: 52 374 9305 , e-mail:

Scope of scientific research

  • Crop yield of plants cultivated in crop rotation systems and monoculture.
  • Effects of long term diversified fertilization in a crop rotation system, assessment of the impact of such fertilization on crops and their quality and possibilities of re-cultivation of soil damaged by improper fertilization.
  • Development of cultivated plants agrotechnology.
  • Plant cultivation in strip-till technology.
  • Eating habits and food raw materials of plant origin in different regions of the world.