Department of Biochemistry
Adres: ul. Bernardyńska 6, 85-029 Bydgoszcz
tel.: (52) 374 9559, (52) 347 9556, (52) 374 7555

Departments Staff Members

Prof. dr hab. Jan Koper, prof. zw. UTP - Department Head
tel.: (52) 374 9559, e-mail:

Academic workers:

Dr hab. inż. Katarzyna Borowska, prof. nadzw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374 9556, e-mail:

Dr hab. inż. Anna Piotrowska-Długosz, prof. nadzw. UTP
tel.: (52) 374 9555, e-mail:

Dr inż. Joanna Lemanowicz
tel.: (52) 374 9555, e-mail:

Dr inż. Anetta Siwik-Ziomek
tel.: (52) 374 9555, e-mail:

Dr Ryszard Zamorski
tel.: (52) 374 9518, e-mail:

Technical worker:

Mgr Magdalena Polkowska
tel.: (52) 374 9566


Doctoral students:

Mgr inż. Marlena Grabowska-Wrzesińska
Mgr inż. Karolina Kozik
Mgr inż. Michał Rybacki

Scope of scientific research

  • Transformations of organic compounds of phosphorus in terms of agrotechnical procedures.
  • Selenium in soil and plants.
  • Fractions of soil sulfur depending on the level of organic-mineral fertilization and in soil with higher level of air pollution.
  • Enzymology of soil. Exploring correlations between enzymatic activities of soil and concentration of microelements and other physical -chemical factors significantly affecting changes of these activities.
  • Space-time variability of biological and biochemical characteristics of soil in terms of its Genesis and physical- chemical characteristics.