Where will you study and live?

Before traveling to Poland

Students from non EU member countries are obliged to have visas enabling them to stay in Poland for the whole period of studies. Students from EU countries staying longer than 3 months need to apply for temporary residence which is issued by the Department of Civil Affairs at Kujawsko-Pomorski Province Office in Bydgoszcz. In order to get it they have to have 2 passport photos, a confirmation form from their mother university that they are Erasmus exchange students with the information about the grant they receive during their stay. These documents should be in English.

It is also necessary to have a valid insurance policy in case of medical treatment necessity.
Students are requested to contact Institutional Coordinator and give the information about the exact date and hour of their arrival.


How to get to Bydgoszcz and the UTP

Thanks to its location, Bydgoszcz has convenient connections with most cities in Poland. The major north-south rail (PKP - Polish State Railway) and roads (PKS - National Transport Company) go through Bydgoszcz. A journey from Bydgoszcz to Poznań, Gdansk or Warsaw takes approximately 2-4 hours by train or by car.
There is an international airport with a regular connection with some European and domestic airports. The webpage is: http://www.plb.pl
In the city, students can use MZK (Municipal Transportation Company) trams and buses:
to get to Fordon campus (7 Prof. Kaliskiego St./UTP) one can take:
  • from railway station (Dzworzec PKP) - a tram no. 5 (direction: Łoskoń) or a bus no. 67 to Skłodowskiej-Curie/Bałtycka 2 St. and change to a bus no. 89
  • from bus station - a tram no. 10 (direction: Łoskoń)
to get to Blonie (Koszarowa 9 St.) one can take:
  • from railway station - bus no. 54 or 79
One-way ticket - 3.00 PLN (full fare), and 1.50 PLN (half fare - for students having students cards), monthly ticket - 46 PLN (half fare).
1 hour ticket: 4,20 PLN (full fare)
You can use website www.jakdojade.pl to plan your trip to Bydgoszcz.

First steps upon arrival

After your arrival to Bydgoszcz:
  • check in at the accommodation place agreed in advance with the University,
  • come to the Center of International Studies in order to complete the required formalities concerning your admission to the University,
  • complete the registration formalities at the Department of Civil Affairs in Kujawsko-Pomorski Province Office in  Bydgoszcz (3 Jagiellońska St.) regarding the legalization of your stay in Poland.
University support
Assistance for students is guaranteed in the following areas:
  • booking room in a hall of residence,
  • assistance in applying for residential permission,
  • access to internet free of charge.

Money and cost of living

Polish currency is called the złoty (abb. -zł.- or -PLN-) and is subdivides into grosze (-gr.-).
1 zł. = 100 gr.; it gives about 0.25 EUROS.

Approximate living costs per month:
Accommodation:                             300 - 395 PLN (80 - 100 EURO)
Boarding:                                       400 - 650 PLN (100 - 165 EURO)
Monthly ticket for public transport:    60 PLN (15 EURO)
Entertainment:                                110 PLN (28 EURO)

In Bydgoszcz about 30 banks are situated. Most of them are open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. having popular credit cards such as Visa, masterCard, Maestro etc. you can withdraw money from a bank or a cash machine in many points of the city. There are two cash points at the university campus in Fordon.


The UTP has four halls of residence, located in Fordon and Błonie districts. In total, the halls of residence can house about 1500 people. The single, double and triple rooms are fitted with central heating and all sanitary necessities. Students have at their disposal rooms to study quietly, Internet, a loundry with a drying room, telephones on the floors, a body-building gym, sports fields.

Please read Regulations of The UTP's Dorm



There is one canteen at the University, which is to be found at the Fordon campus in the vicinity of the student halls of residence. Moreover, students have at their disposal three buffets, located at the Faculties of Agriculture, Chemical Technology and Engineering and Animal Breeding and Biology located in the city centre campuses.

Thanks to canteen and buffets students can have lunch cheaper than in the downtown.



The Main Library is the major information resource of the University and provides a wide range of library based services in electronic and traditional forms.
The Library has a total stock of over 230,000 books and 50,000 volumes of journals, related to the teaching and research of the University. About 300 titles of periodicals are currently taken out. In addition, the Main Library has the greatest collections of patents and standards in the region. The books, periodicals and special collections are available in the reading rooms and in the borrowing service system. The borrowing facilities can be also used to obtain materials not held locally (interlibrary borrowing).
The Main Library provides a range of electronic information services (as well as electronic journals and databases) and the access to networked services, both locally kept and in other libraries.

Address of the Main Library: 7 Prof. Kaliskiego St., 85-789 Bydgoszcz,
phone:  +48 52 3408056,  fax: +48 52 3408063;

Medical care

All UTP students are taken care of medically - preventive care and specialist examinations by the Academic Medical Centre, 9 Kołłątaja St. - phone:   52 3226066

Preventive care is a part of systematic health education. It comprises, among others, preliminary and periodical examinations, active advising in selected dispensary groups, professional advising and psychological examinations.
Specialist examinations are carried out on the strength of diagnostics laboratories in dentistry, throat diseases, neurology, ophthalmology, and others.

The Centre cooperates with other medical service organisational units in order to develop rehabilitation centres adapted to the current needs of the academic society.